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On Fairness | R.G. Menzies Essays 2

On Fairness | R.G. Menzies Essays 2

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On Fairness

R.G. Menzies Essays 2

Edited by Nick Cater

Paperback: 88 pages

ISBN: 9781925138610

Egalitarianism is a cherished Australian value. But in its modern guise of “fairness” it is corrupting political debate. On Fairness reveals how this fuzzy and contested concept leads governments astray. Liberty, rather than state control, provides the best path to a truly fair Australia.

Chapters include:
  • The Moral High Ground – Nick Cater 
  • Envy Politics – Henry Ergas
  • Fairness, Family and Freedom – Kelly O’Dwyer
  • The Perils of Benevolence – Rebecca Weisser
  • Tax, Regulation and Poverty – Alexander Scaife
  • Conservative Social Justice – Iain Duncan Smith
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