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Of Life and Of Leadership | Brendan Nelson

Of Life and Of Leadership | Brendan Nelson

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Brendan Nelson

Hardback with Dust Jacket, 504 pages

ISBN 9781922815231

From his Roman Catholic, Labor leaning family upbringing in Launceston, to Adelaide and the transformation given him by the Jesuits, Brendan Nelson graduated in medicine. The joys and wounding sorrows of medical practice. The stirrings of political activism as he rose to the Presidency of the Australian medical Association (AMA). Elected into the Howard government in 1996 as the member for Bradfield, a reformist Minister for Education, Defence Minister, then leader of the Liberal Party in the most difficult circumstances. From Diplomat to Director of the Australian War Memorial, his unorthodox story offers lessons Of Life and of Leadership.

“An extraordinary life well told. Doctor, politician, ambassador, CEO then chairman of the iconic Australian War Memorial, then head of Boeing Australia the man had to be pretty good. That is obvious from the material here. He has developed a deep and empathetic eloquence which enables him to grasp a national mood. This is a  rewarding read” – The Hon Kim Beazley AC

“Brendan Nelson brought high intelligence, boundless energy and a constantly inquiring mind to all that he did as a most successful Minister in my Government.”

- The Hon John Howard OM AC, the 25th prime minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007.

I was inspired. I was deeply moved... On turning the last page, I realised my life had been enriched by reading Brendan’s incredible journey.

- Lee Kernaghan OAM, Australian of the Year 2008

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